Build your cellar

Since 2014, Vintage France sources the rares Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, stores them for its Collectors in its facilities or delivers them all around the world. *

Vintage France helps wine collectors create and manage their cellar. 

You gain access to the rarest wine allocations with an exclusive sourcing directly from the estates. 

 *Please check with us how we can deliver in your country. 


Vintage France is the right service if :                                                                                      -     You would like to build a wine collection                                              -     You would like part of it delivered and/or part of it                                   stored for you on the long term                                                              -      You would like to purchase early to enjoy better prices                          on your wines                                                                                              -      You sometimes enjoy advice to make your choices


Geneva Free Port is one of the safest places in the world
> We stock your wines GST free in our Vintage warehouse in the Geneva Free Port in Switzerland without you having to pay Swiss or European taxes and without any time limit.
> We store your wines in our bonded temperature-controlled warehouse (+13°C). Temperature and humidity are controlled to guarantee optimum conservation. Security staff, video surveillance and alarms guarantee security.


> Storage & insurance fees: 2€*(size of bottle / 75cl)/bottle/year (excluding VAT)

> Example of delivery fees :

  1. Delivery in France : 3€/bottle of 75cl (transportation and insurance are included) + duties + VAT (from 60 bottles).
  2. Delivery in Singapore : 10€/bottle of 75 cl (transportation, insurance and duties are included) + GST.


> Delivery time in France is 4 weeks.
> Delivery time in Singapore is 6 weeks through our Vintage regular shipments to Singapore. For urgent deliveries, you can request air shipment (estimated delivery: 2 weeks), additional cost may apply.
> For delivery to other countries: feasibility and price upon request.
> From the estate to our cellar and up to the customer’s final destination : we guarantee the wines’ quality all along.


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