Domaine Alphonse Mellot - Sancerre - La Moussiere - red - 2018 - 750 ml

Domaine Alphonse Mellot - Sancerre - La Moussiere - red - 2018 - 750 ml

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This is where the magic starts. It is drawn from 5.5 hectares of densely planted vines in La Moussière on Saint-Doulchard marl. The vines are aged between 25 and 45 years and yields are restricted to around 32 hl/ha (about the same quantity of fruit a Burgundian winemaker would take off his Clos de La Roche). The fermentation took place in 60-hectolitre wooden vats, beginning with a cold maceration lasting between five and 10 days, followed by alcoholic fermentation with punching down of the cap. The wine then went into Burgundian oak for between 10 and 18 months.

From the top growers, the best Sancerre Pinot can give good Burgundy a run for its money, and few would argue there is a finer address for Sancerre rouge than Alphonse Mellot. Indulged by a warm, sunny growing season, 2018 was a top vintage for Mellot reds and this is an especially refined release.

Expect lovely, tender depth of sweet fruit with the flow of ripe red and black fruits and smoked meats leading to something more autumnal. Mouthcoating and textural, the wine's clear and refreshing acidity provides mouth-watering balance while tapering, silky tannins add to the overall appeal.


Sancerre is first and foremost an isolated hill that rises up in the middle of a serene landscape bathed by the soft light of the Loire river. As far back as the XVI century, in 1513 to be exact, the local records mention the Mellot family, whose life even at that time was governed by the seasons of the vine and the production of wines of excellent quality. At the beginning of the XIX century, Alphonse Mellot founded a tavern in Sancerre where one could savour the local wines and so began a flourishing trade that was to continue. Today, this century old winemaking tradition is perpetuated by Alphonse Mellot, father and son, the 18th and 19th to bear the name.

The wines are produced from the upper Sancerre vineyard, the most famous of which is the Domaine La Moussière. Its exceptional quality has led to it being officially classified as a unique category amongst the Sancerre wines. The Domaine comprises one single vineyard of over thirty hectares.


Grape variety: Pinot Noir