Domaine de Villargeau - Coteaux du Giennois - Pinot Noir - red - 2019 - 750 ml

Domaine de Villargeau - Coteaux du Giennois - Pinot Noir - red - 2019 - 750 ml

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 “Supple and fruity – two words easily sum up this lovely Coteaux du Giennois red wine. Enjoy when young and fresh, or in 3-4 years time when the aromas are even more developed. Villargeau red is ideal for relaxed eating occasions – perfect with a meat fondue or grilled meats.” Domaine de Villargeau


In 1991, the Thibault family decided to create the “Domaine de Villargeau” on land facing south-southwest and enjoying the greatest amount of sunshine. Two brothers, Fernand and Jean-François Thibault, cleared hillsides abandoned since the phylloxera crisis in order to plant vines. The story continues when, in 2000, they were joined by one of their sons, Marc, returning to the area armed with his apprenticeship and experience in viticulture and oenology.

This 20 hectares vineyard is currently planted with ¾ white grapes, the Sauvignon Blanc. The red and rosé wines are generally made from Pinot Noir but the Gamay, the wine designation’s traditional grape variety, is used in the production of a delicious red wine. The diversity of the soils is due to the geological history behind the formation of the Ligerian depression: Firstly, the flint gives all of its potential to the Sauvignon which, in this area, has a very delicate, fruity expression. Secondly, the Kimmeridgian marl over limestone clay allows the Pinot Noir and Gamay to develop a good balance of body, fruitiness and freshness.


Grape variety: Pinot noir

Soil: clay-limestone

From: France, Loire-Valley, Coteaux du Giennois