Domaine Henri Gouges - Bourgogne Pinot Blanc - white - 2018 - 750 ml

Domaine Henri Gouges - Bourgogne Pinot Blanc - white - 2018 - 750 ml

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We find here the cépage of white Pinot, 100% coming from the “massal selection” of Henri Gouges, the “Pinot Gouges”, after the discovery of white grapes on a vine plant of Pinot Noir. This 0,7 hectare parcel is located around 375 meters in altitude on the plateau which overcomes the Côte de Nuits. Planted on a shallow and rocky soil, made of red clay, it produces pure and aromatic wines.


Henri Gouges inherited 9 hectares of prime Nuits-St-Georges vineyards just after the First World War, and expanded his holdings significantly between 1920-1934. Today it includes 14.5 hectares – including seven of the best well- positioned 1er crus. Henri started bottling his own wines in 1933 and marketing them directly to its clients. He strongly believed in low yield, and was obsessed controlling the yields. This philosophy was passed to the current generation running the domaine. These days, the domaine is run by Henri’s grand children Pierre and Christian, and Pierre’s son Gregory who is mainly in charge of the wine making.

The 30 acres of Premier Cru vineyards has remained unchanged since the 1930s. There are seven Premiers Crus: Les Saint-Georges, Les Chaignots, Chênes Carteaux, Clos des Porrets-Saint-Georges, Les Pruliers, and Les Vaucrains, plus the white La Perrière from a mutated Pinot Noir that Henri Gouges noticed growing in 1936 within Clos-des-Porrets and subsequently propagated. By 2008, the entirety of the vineyards had been converted to organic viticulture.


Color: White

Maturity: Young

Sweetness: Dry

Variety: White Pinot