Domaine Regis Jouan - Menetou Salon - white - 2019 - 750 ml

Domaine Regis Jouan - Menetou Salon - white - 2019 - 750 ml

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The estate “Domaine de Champarlan” was created in 2003 during Regis’ (the winemaker) installation and expanded on Sancerre with his wedding. He was joined by his brother for the 2011 vintage and since they develop their different wines. The philosophy of the domain is to always do the best they can with what the nature brings to them. They give special importance to never disappoint the customers and to respond to any special request.

The vineyard driving method is called “reasoned viticulture” (without accreditation) with the few interventions as possible. Regis and his bother take great care to avoid as much as possible insecticides and anti-rot on the vines. 60% of the vineyard is grassed, to compete their vines, to explore the best of their land and at the same time to prevent the erosion of the hillsides because nothing is more important than preserving the richness of the precious land.


Winegrower: David & Luc Girard

Town: Humbligny

From: Loire, Menetou-Salon

Cultivated space:  10 ha

Production: 50 000 btles

Soil: clay-limestone