Domaine Rolet - L'Etoile - Chardonnay - white - 2018 - 750 ml - Bottle

Domaine Rolet - L'Etoile - Chardonnay - white - 2018 - 750 ml - Bottle

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One of the great classics of the Jura worked by the excellent Domaine Rolet which will delight your guests with unparalleled purity and freshness.

This Chardonnay is grown on the hills near Lons Le Saunier, with distinguished soils of grey blue marls and star shaped fossils called pentacrine, after which this small appellation was named. L'Étoile is fermented in barrique, where it ages for a year before bottling. Youthful, forward and present now, in the purest style of the Etoile Appellation. With its fruity and toasted notes on the nose, it is a wine that gives off a freshness on the palate, all in control, absolutely remarkable. There's an earthy minerality that runs through this, holding it very memorable.


Domaine Rolet is established as one of the Jura vineyard flagships and its wines propose the whole terroir richness through the large range of Jura grape varieties. Domaine Rolet is the project of families who wanted to establish a Domaine between tradition and modernity, respecting the Jura wines great diversity. These 3 families are the Devillard family (winemakers in Bourgogne for 5 generations and owners of Château de Chamirey in Mercurey,  Domaine des Perdrix in Côte de Nuits, Domaine de la Ferté in Givry and Domaine de la Garenne in Mâconnais), the Flambert family (hotels owners for several generations), and the Dupuis family (entrepreneurs family, specialised in martial arts equipment). They leaded the Rolet production to a high level of excellence, each and every vintage. Their philosophy is based on meticulous attention to vineyards, small yields and optimal ripening of grapes.


Grape: 100% Chardonnay

Harvesting: Manual harvesting and sorting

Ageing: 12 to 16 months without new barrels

Pairing: This Etoile Chardonnay will go well with seafood in particular.