Mas Amiel - AOC Maury - Vintage - red - 2019 - 750 ml

Mas Amiel - AOC Maury - Vintage - red - 2019 - 750 ml

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 “The deep ruby robe matches the bouquet of red and black berries. Very elegant, moves to flavours of burlat cherry. This fleshy, yet refreshing, fruity wine is a perfect match for red fruit or chocolate desserts. It is a seductive, pure Grenache varietal that also pairs well with sweet and sour dishes.” Mas Amiel


The Mas Amiel Maury Vintage is a delicious sweet red obtained from grapes of the red Grenache variety from strains between 15 and 35. The vineyard is located in Deveze and the plants face south to allow perfect ripening. The shale, the bedrock at 60-80 cm and the location of the plots at the bottom of the hills and on medium slopes give the Maury Vintage Grenache clusters an unmistakable character.

The harvest usually occurs between the last week of September and the second of October, with a probable alcohol level between 15 and 18%. Fermentation takes place in concrete and stainless steel vats and is stopped with the addition of wine alcohol. Afterwards, the maceration continues for 15-20 days until the perfect color, aroma and tannins are obtained. Without the skins, the wine is aged for 10 months in vats and a few more in the bottle.

Its intense ruby color accompanies a nose of wild fruits, figs, liquorice and tobacco leaves. The mouth is sweet, round and very smooth, it arrives perfumed with memories of cherries, garrigue and spices and gains in meatiness after each moment that the wine remains in the glass. Its texture is silky and its style is concentrated, with an excellent balance between sweetness, bitterness and acidity that makes Maury Vintage the perfect companion for red fruit and / or chocolate desserts. However, it can also lead to extraordinary contrast pairings with some savory dishes.


Grape varieties: 100 % Grenache, organic

Parcels: Selection of parcels in Deveze area. Southern exposure.

Soil types: Very stony soil types over shale beds. Superficial soils at the bottom of slopes and halfway up, with bedrock only 60–80 cm below surface.