Mas Amiel - Maury - Vers le Nord - red - 2018 - 750 ml

Mas Amiel - Maury - Vers le Nord - red - 2018 - 750 ml

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 “An impressive nose, starting with a zest of pomelo and blood orange, moving onto notes of black berry and black currant. The same impressions and the same depth reappear with an attack offering remarkable freshness, and the same type of notes – rich fruity flavors cover the palate. This wine offers plenty of opulence and aromatic freshness, the sign of a great Grenache wine derived from calcium-rich schist and red clay.” Mas Amiel


Mas Amiel is a large property – the biggest private cellar in Maury – located in the heart of the Agly valley, in France’s Roussillon region. This is Cathar country: it’s beautiful but rugged—a hot, rather hostile environment with rocky, stony soils, frequent windy weather, and 260 days’ sunshine a year. Back in 1816, a bishop used one of his plots of land as a bet in a game of cards. He lost it to Raymond Amiel, and this is how Mas Amiel was born. At the time, it only had 10 hectares of vines on it; it has grown substantially since then.


Grape varieties: 100 % black Grenache

Parcels: Selection of parcels in deveze area. Southern exposure.

Soil types: Very stony soil types over shale beds. Superficial soils at the bottom of slopes and halfway up, with bedrock only 60–80 cm below surface.

Age of the vines yield: 15 to 35 years

Harvest: Average yield was 18 hectolitres per hectare with a density of 3 500 to 4 000 vines per hectare.

Winemaking techniques: Manual in the last week of September and the second week of October. The bunches were sorted twice manually on a belt and vibrating table. The fruit was de-stemmed and slightly crushed. Potential alcohol content was 15 to 18 %.

Sweetness: Sweet