Champagne Roger Coulon - Blanc de Noirs - Extra Brut - 2012 - 750 ml

Champagne Roger Coulon - Blanc de Noirs - Extra Brut - 2012 - 750 ml

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“The ingredients of our success include: natural yeasts from all 109 plots; slow and spontaneous fermentation; seasons reflected in our wines; measured effervescence; dosage solely in the Extra-Brut and otherwise un-dosed vintages, complexity of blending; careful plot selection; avoidance of filtration; no malolactic fermentation; using a perpetual reserve; short or long ageing; a multiplicity of barrels… Our audacity reveals the personality of these lively wines! […] The Collection ‘Empreinte’, is the authentic reflection of the winegrower. Based on the forces of Nature ‘Empreinte’ answers the echo of the Terroir and reiterates for each vintage the enjoyment of the seasons!” Eric Coulon


Champagne Roger Coulon has produced Champagnes in Vrigny, in the Montagne de Reims since 1806. For eight generations, the Coulons have remained artisan growers and winemakers. Eric and Isabelle Coulon head Champagne Roger Coulon - a domain made up of 10 hectares of vineyards spread across five villages and 100 parcels of classified Premier Cru land. Their vines are 40 years old on average, and their parcel, Les Linguets, has the unusual distinction of being planted with non-grafted vines. Eric and Isabelle practice sustainable viticulture. Each grape variety and each parcel are vinified separately in stainless steel vats or oak barrels, depending on the nature of the year’s harvest. Their champagnes are accomplished expressions of their terroir.

There are two main things that are important to understand the light, discreet, delicate and harmonious style of Roger Coulon. First, there is no chaptalization, as Eric prefers lower alcohol wines and tends to find Champagnes imbalanced when they exceed 12% alcohol. Second, he prefers a moderate and elegant spume and pressure. That's why he adds less sugar to start the second fermentation and keeps the pressure at five rather than six atmospheres. "It's the style my grandfather used to cultivate rather than my father," Eric says. In fact, it was his grandfather who trained him to handcraft Champagne like it was done 100 years ago. "Just the dosage is much lower today than it used to be in the old days..." After the press, the must is fermented with indigenous yeasts, and the best wines are aged in tonneaux for up to 24 months before the bottling. There is no stirring of the lees and no fining. After the disgorgement, the cuvées are kept for another six months in the domaine before they are shipped into the different markets.


Grape: Pinot Meunier (50%) / Pinot Noir (50%)

Ageing: Aged for 5 years prior to disgorgement

Viticulture: Much of this blend is based on fruit from the old vines parcel of Pinot Meunier known as Les Linguets in Vrigny that was planted in 1953

Vinification: The wine is neither filtered nor fined and only a minimal dosage is applied when this vintage Champagne is disgorged