Yann Chave - Crozes Hermitage - Tradition - white - 2019 - 750 ml

Yann Chave - Crozes Hermitage - Tradition - white - 2019 - 750 ml

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The adventure all began with Yann’s parents. They decided to settle in the area, on a four-hectare site, at the beginning of the 70s: one hectare of vineyards, and the rest, fruit orchards. They continued to extend the estate while maintaining the dual crop system, so common at the time. Their first harvests were sold to local merchants, and from 1973 onwards, they began to make their own wine before joining the Tain Cooperative Winery until 1978. The following year, Nicole and Bernard Chave created their own private winery.

In 1996, Yann was 26 years old. With a postgraduate diploma in Auditing and Management Control, and free of military service obligations, he decided to work on the wine-growing part of the estate. With tender attachment to his vineyard, he restructured the vines and began to work on the soil. After being victim of poisoning by an insecticide he was using to treat the vines, he began seeking alternative solutions, engaging with organic agriculture at the dawn of the year 2000. The estate was certified in 2007. Today, located at the heart of Crozes-Hermitage appellation, the estate extends to 20 hectares, with 1.2 


Grapes: Marsanne (70%) and Rousanne (30%) 

Vinification: After moderate pressing, yeast is not added to the must; I only ever use natural grape yeasts.Vinification in vats with temperatures not exceeding 18°C, in order not to extract too much richness and to get the equilibrium just right, balanced by preserved acidity. This wine will not come into contact with wood. It is matured in vats for 6 months prior to bottling, for optimal conservation of freshness.

Tasting: Colour: deep yellow with a green hue / Nose: expressive and pleasant, opening onto a wide range of aromas, including peaches and white flowers / Palate: the attack is fresh, evolving into pleasant roundness. The sensation of ultra-ripe white fruit is very intense on the palate. The finish offers refined bitterness, prolonging the pleasure. 

Pairing: Cream of asparagus soup and pan-fried scallops, roast medallion of veal with buttered chanterelles.

Maturing: May be enjoyed as of now or laid down for up to 5 years.